Translation of "hot wire" in Chinese

The cold wire variant comes optionally with or without gas feed; the hot wire version is available with gas feeding and cooling.

With the testo 405i hot wire anemometer, you can measure air velocities, temperatures and volume flows.

The hot wire anemometer is best for accurately measuring air flow at very low velocities (eg., under 2000 ft/min).

A thermoanemometer is any hot wire or vane anemometer having the added feature of air temperature measurement.

The in cylinder turbulence is measured under the condition of a motored engine by using a hot wire anemometry.

The integrated hot wire and standard thermistors provide fast and accurate readings - even at low velocities.

Such advanced research Ioption的热信号 like this can be completed using Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) systems or simpler hot wire anemometers from TSI.

4, if not equipped with temperature control box which led Division Ioption的热信号 I blow hot wire not covered under warranty.

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供热系统似乎总是决定在一年中最冷的一天或当你举办节日的时候坏掉. Don’t worry. KS Services is here whenever you need us. 我们随时准备为您的供暖需求提供帮助. Whether it’s before, during, 或者在供暖季节过后,你需要更换你的热泵或时间表 furnace repair service, we’re here to help.

一般来说,当我们提到供暖服务时,我们指的是预防性维护或调整. 我们建议每年秋天对你的炉子进行调整,最好是在温度开始下降之前. 这确保你的炉子准备好处理任何事情.

如果你使用热泵,我们建议一年调两次. 它需要两个,因为它全年工作,为您的家庭供暖和制冷. 这台机器没有像赌博的正规平台网站和火炉一样的“休赛期”.

加热服务包括对熔炉或热泵中的所有部件进行深度检查. Your heating, cooling, 室内空气质量技术人员清洗组件, lubricates as needed, and checks belt integrity. 他或她还测试所有的控制和电气开关.

这种彻底的服务可以快速识别过度磨损的迹象. 这些警告信号可以防止更大的维修和/或故障,所以我们可以进行小的维修或建议功能更改. This ultimately saves you time and money.

Heating Repair in Birmingham

就像供热服务一样,在全球十大赌博靠谱的平台,我们维修任何品牌的热泵,炉或锅炉. How Ioption的热信号 do you know when you need a repair? Glad you asked!

例如,奇怪的行为是你的第一个信号. 这是一个寒冷的秋冬的早晨,冷空气从通风管中喷涌而出. Maybe it doesn’t blow air at all! 它可能会发出一种奇怪的声音,比如咔哒声或摩擦声. You may hear screeches or squeals. 在某些情况下,它是奇怪的气味,如发霉或烧焦的金属气味.

这些症状是经历过发热的具体线索, air conditioning, and indoor air quality technician. 我们很乐意在需要更换之前介入并解决您的问题, or, more importantly, risks your safety.

It’s true. 这些功能强大、价格昂贵的电器给我们的家带来的不仅仅是舒适. 暖气和空气设备也会影响你的安全. 如果您对您的热泵或炉子有任何担忧,请致电全球十大赌博靠谱的平台公司的暖通赌博的正规平台网站承包商. The peace of mind is worth it.

Heating Installation in Birmingham

It’s important to use the right equipment. 我们的团队仔细地测量和记录有关你的房子的信息, your needs, and your energy-efficiency goals. 至关重要的是,为您的家庭获得一个适当大小的暖通赌博的正规平台网站单元. 我们经常会发现客户的供暖和赌博的正规平台网站设备对他或她的家来说太大或太小.

太大或太小会导致包括短周期在内的问题, high energy bills and uneven temperatures. 当你准备更换熔炉或热泵时,给我们打电话.

我们很乐意跟你谈谈你的各种选择, 包括可变和单速单位的优缺点, 如何安装Wi-Fi或“智能”恒温器, 如果无导管的小分叉适合你.

Ductless heat pumps continue to win new fans. First, 在一个很难保持温暖或温度调节的房间里,你可以使用一个单一的装置来增加供暖.

无管道的迷你分裂安装在墙壁或天花板上,是一个安静的, flexible, 以及节能供暖和赌博的正规平台网站系统的选择. 如果你要在你的房子上建造或完成一个像车库工作空间这样的空间,它们是一个简单的选择.

Second, 当他们安装多个室内单元来加热和冷却整个房子时,更多的房主选择特定房间或楼层的区域控制. 最多4 - 6台室内机可以连接到一台室外冷凝器.


要委托暖气和赌博的正规平台网站维修? You can do so with a maintenance plan. At KS Services, we Ioption的热信号 know you’re busy. 这就是为什么我们创建了维护计划,让您更容易检查待办事项清单上的供暖服务.

Spend your time doing what you want to do, 不因炉故障或其他紧急暖通问题而重新安排计划. 预防高额电费和意外维修的最简单方法是预防性维护.Ioption的热信号

Serving Birmingham, AL, and the surrounding area, our experienced air conditioning, heating, 室内空气质量专业人员提供多种方案,以满足不同的需求和不同的预算. 选择一个适合你的,然后放松. 我们甚至会在预定服务时间给您打电话!


全球十大赌博靠谱的平台是一家提供冷热系统全方位服务的公司,为您提供冷热系统可能需要的所有服务. 从赌博的正规平台网站维修到暖气维修等等, we’re your one-stop shop for all things HVAC.

当谈到您家里的供暖需求时,我们明白,没有时间再等了. 下次您的家需要服务时,请不要犹豫,与我们赌博的正规平台网站. 从供暖维修服务到冷却装置等, 请放心,我们可以为您提供全年安全舒适的服务.

Twinax Flyover® Systems for Next Gen Speeds

Samtec Flyover® systems can help extend signal reach and density to achieve next gen speeds by routing signals via ultra-low skew twinax cable versus through lossy PCB.

twinax Flyover® video

Twinax Flyover® Technology


Flyover® problem

(-5 dB Loss Target, Reach Estimate. For OIF VSR applications.)


As bandwidth requirements rapidly increase, effectively managing heat and routing signals through lossy PCBs, vias and other components have become complex challenges.


Samtec Flyover® design breaks the constraints of traditional signaling substrate and hardware offerings, resulting in a cost–effective, high-performance and heat efficient answer to the challenges of 56 Gbps bandwidths and beyond.

Flyover® solution


Ultra Low Skew Cable Technology

Samtec's proprietary Ioption的热信号 co-extruded Eye Speed® twinax cable technology eliminates the performance limitations and inconsistencies of individually extruded Ioption的热信号 dielectric twinax cabling; improving signal integrity, bandwidth and reach for high-performance system architectures.

Ultra Ioption的热信号 Ioption的热信号 Low Skew Twinax
  • Ideal for 28-112+ Gbps applications
  • Tight coupling between signal conductors
  • Improved bandwidth and reach
  • Improved signal integrity and eye pattern opening
  • Low skew ( < 3.5 ps/meter) over extended lengths
Dynamic Testing

Ultra low skew twinax cable underwent Dynamic Insertion and Return Loss testing, proving the cable to be rugged with stable electrical performance after 250 flex/bend cycles. Click here to Ioption的热信号 learn more or contact [email protected] for higher cycle results.

Cable Management

Samtec works with Ioption的热信号 system architects in the early stages of Ioption的热信号 design to create solutions for cable management Ioption的热信号 optimized for signal integrity and even distribution of thermal load. Contact [email protected] for more information.


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