本周,加密货币价格的暴跌导致超过3000亿美元的价值蒸发。 Samuel Corum for The New York Times

What is the difference between Ethereum and Bitcoin?

Ether, the currency used to complete transactions on the Ethereum network (learn more) and Bitcoin have many fundamental similarities. They are both cryptocurrencies that are rooted in blockchain technology. This means that independent computers around the world volunteer to keep a list of transactions, allowing each coin’s history to be checked and confirmed.

They are both virtual currencies that are actively used for services, contracts, and as a store of value. Their popularity has 中心化比特幣交易所的特 grabbed the attention of news publications and traders alike who are hoping to better understand how blockchain 中心化比特幣交易所的特 中心化比特幣交易所的特 technology may change the monetary landscape overtime. This is where most of the similarities end.

Their decentralized nature is a big change from traditional currencies, but they are not accepted everywhere. While Bitcoin is accepted more widely and viewed as an international digital currency, Ether is only accepted for 中心化比特幣交易所的特 中心化比特幣交易所的特 transactions Digital Applications (Dapps) that run on the Ethereum network.

Ethereum and bitcoin cryptocurrencies.

Key differences between Ether and Bitcoin

Both 中心化比特幣交易所的特 Ether and Bitcoin are cryptocurrencies that are based 中心化比特幣交易所的特 中心化比特幣交易所的特 on blockchain technology. Beyond that, the currencies are quite different and have different uses.


Bitcoin is what most people think about when they hear the words ‘blockchain’ or ‘crypto’. It was the 中心化比特幣交易所的特 first use case for blockchain technology and reimagined what currency could be if it were not tied to a specific central bank or country.

Its technology also makes it difficult to be stolen or tampered with since all machines on the decentralized network need to agree on the terms of any transaction. This mostly means confirming that the payee is the rightful owner of the currency.

The coin can either be traded on the 中心化比特幣交易所的特 open market or you can lend computing power to the network (mining) and be paid in Bitcoin for the use of your machine (harvesting).

The maximum amount of Bitcoins that can ever be produced is 21 million, introducing scarcity into the market. In order to prevent Bitcoin from running out, halving events are built into the protocol to pay out fewer Bitcoins to miners after a 中心化比特幣交易所的特 harvesting milestone is reached.

Traders commonly keep an eye on these events as some have created market volatility while others have created no noticeable market movements.


Shortly after Bitcoin’s release, Ethereum looked at the way they were using blockchain technology 中心化比特幣交易所的特 中心化比特幣交易所的特 and imagined how it could be used beyond just as a currency.

Beginning with Smart Contracts and decentralized Applications (Dapps), Ethereum soon realized that they needed a single currency for their platform that could be trusted in line with their protocols. This led the Ethereum Foundation, a body that oversees Ethereum’s activity but can not independently change protocols, to create Ether.

Ether is mined in the same manner as Bitcoin, but unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum miners can charge a fee for confirming a transaction. In addition, there is no limit to the amount of Ether that can be released. This removed the perceived scarcity that may be a 中心化比特幣交易所的特 factor in Bitcoin’s higher valuation.

Ether is the recognized currency that can be used across the Ethereum network but is not widely accepted elsewhere. On the same note, Bitcoin can not be used 中心化比特幣交易所的特 as a recognized currency on the Ethereum platform.


Ethereum and Bitcoin operate on separate protocols and 中心化比特幣交易所的特 their processes are not related to one another. This means that some transactions that may be 中心化比特幣交易所的特 allowed on one platform may not be allowed on another. This becomes a question when considering permissioned vs permissionless transactions.

Ethereum word cloud.

Will Ethereum overtake Bitcoin?中心化比特幣交易所的特

Both Ethereum’s Ether and Bitcoin have many factors that contribute to their valuations.

In order to 中心化比特幣交易所的特 中心化比特幣交易所的特 speculate on the valuations of cryptos such as Bitcoin and Ether, traders must ask key questions such as:

  • How is each coin used?
  • How widely accepted is it today? How widely accepted will it be in the future?
  • What can historical data tell us about this instrument?

While Bitcoin has traditionally held a higher price 中心化比特幣交易所的特 valuation than Ether, it is important to note that the cryptocurrency market thus far has been highly volatile, and will likely continue to remain volatile. In contrast to stocks, commodities, or even centrally-regulated currencies, a cryptocurrency’s underlying value is unclear.

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去中心化衍生品交易所 Derify Protocol 將於 3 月 28 日 在 Bounce 進行 IDO

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CMC Markets

之所以会产生硬分叉,是因为人们对于怎样才能最好地提高区块大小限制持有不同意见。一些有影响力的“矿工”、开发者和投资者倾向于实施SegWit2x的协议,这个协议原定于2017年8月在比特币网络实施。一部分持有反对意见的人后来就创造了比特币现金。比特币现金的推崇者认为,比特币现金更接近比特币创造者Satoshi Nakamoto的最初理念,据说这位真实身份不明的人,(或者一群人人们),暗地里设置了1MB的上限。但是,Satoshi Nakamoto还说过,“以后必要的时候,也可以对此作出改变,”他(他们)预言,随着网速加快和储存成本降低,区块链有可能在不损坏去中心化货币理念的前提下扩大。




为什么使用CMC Markets外汇交易平台进行比特币现金交易?







  • 比特币的可扩展性:比特币现金是由比特币硬分叉产生的,目的是改变比特币的交易缓慢问题。如果比特币的可扩展性问题得不到解决,可能会对比特币现金的价格产生积极影响。
  • 法规:和其他数字加密货币一样,比特币现金目前也不受政府和中央银行监管。但对未来几年内这将如何变化,以及对价值的影响还不得而知。
  • 供应:比特币现金的总量是2100万个(与比特币相同)。供应量有限可能影响其价值。
  • 竞争:比特币现金与比特币,以及其他几种数字加密货币是直接竞争关系。这可能限制比特币现金的流行程度。
  • 媒体:公众认知、安全性和长久性也可能影响其价格。
  • 采用:目前,企业和消费者还没有广泛地接受比特币现金作为一种支付方式。但是,一些群体已经看到区块链技术的发展潜力,预测未来该技术可能会被广泛采用。

​​CMC Markets属于纯服务执行提供商。本材料(无论是否有陈述任何观点)仅用于一般信息交流目的,未考虑到您的个体情况或目标。材料中的内容都不是(也不应该被视为)赖以投资的金融、投资或其他意见。本材料的观点不构成CMC Markets或作者提供的建议,并未暗示任何特定的投资、证券、交易或投资策略适合任何特定个人。

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CMC Markets Trading app

CMC Markets Trading app

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本周,加密货币价格的暴跌导致超过3000亿美元的价值蒸发。 Samuel Corum for The New York Times